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Like most people who are into family research I’m always interested in finding new relatives and to get in touch with distant cousins. To make this easier I had my DNA tested on 23andme and on Ancestry DNA and also uploaded it to GEDmatch (Kit # M368955), GedMatch Genesis (Kit # BW5201028) as well as FTDNA, MyHeritage and others. My full family tree is available on MyHeritage, please ask for access.

Please check out my ancestry composition charts at the end of this page!

My paternal haplogroup is J2b2*J-M172 or J-M241 (whatever you call it)
My maternal haplogroup is H1-C16239T

Here’s a list of my ancestors‘ family names (including some „Hofnamen“ from Eastern Tyrol) and the places they lived. The list is by far not complete yet, there are still some brick walls to overcome:

Paternal Ancestors:

  • Greil (Greill, Greyl, Greilach) from Göriach, Dölsach and Stronach, Lienz district, Eastern Tyrol, Austria
  • Glantschnig from Dölsach, Stronach and Thurn, Lienz district
  • Weingartner from Dölsach
  • Teutsch (Deutsch) from Stronach
  • Mayr (Mayr in der Gassen) from Nußdorf (Unter-Nußdorf) and Stribach, Lienz district
  • Tembl from Nußdorf
  • Plautz from Iselsberg, Lienz district
  • Rainer from Iselsberg
  • Eder from Nußdorf (Ober-Nußdorf), Dölsach, Iselsberg and Stronach
  • Haidenberger (Haidenperger) from Debant (Nußdorf-Debant), Lienz district and from Dölsach
  • Amort (Amorth, Am Ort) from Lavant, Lienz district
  • Unterweger from Oberdorf(?), Lienz district.
  • Ulgener (Oberulgener, Unterulgener) from Oberleibnig (today part of St. Johann im Walde), Lienz district
  • Jelwitschger from Oberdrum, Lienz district
  • Winkler from Görtschach, Lienz district
  • Oberhofer (Oberhoffer, Hofer) from Gödnach, Lienz district and maybe other places around Lienz
  • Inwinkl (Winkler) from Gödnach and Dölsach
  • Unterbrunner from Patriasdorf, Lienz district
  • Zabernig from Gaimberg (Grafendorf), Lienz district
  • Klocker from Lavant
  • Preinperger from Oberdrum and Oberlienz, Lienz district
  • Unterperger, maybe from around Lavant
  • Jüdl from Gaimberg
  • Satmayr, probably from around Lienz
  • Rokh, probably from around Lienz
  • Baumgartner from Oberdrum
  • Khrambl (Kraml), probably from around Lienz or Dölsach
  • Untersteiner, probably from Debant
  • Filzmair, probably from around Lienz
  • Abele, probably from around Lienz
  • Grissmann from Gaimberg (Untergaimberg)
  • Hainzer from Glanz, Lienz district
  • Ingruber (in Grueber) from the Lienz area
  • Gridling, probably from the Lienz area
  • Grueber, probably from around Lienz
  • Wernacher from Kals, Lienz district
  • Forstlechner from Matrei in Osttirol (Windisch-Matrei), Lienz district
  • Widmayr, probably from around Matrei in Osttirol
  • Hinterauer from Matrei in Osttirol
  • Pichler, maybe from Nußdorf
  • Unteregger from Stronach, Görtschach and possibly Gödnach
  • Deferegger from Stronach
  • Oberkircher from Stronach
  • Winkler from Görtschach and Gödnach
  • Lengfelder from Görtschach and Stronach
  • Krisch, probably from around Lienz
  • Mariz from Matrei in Osttirol
  • Lackner, maybe from around Iselsberg
  • Oberegger, probably from Stronach
  • Aichberger, probably from around Matrei in Osttirol
  • Sölmayr from Anras, Lienz district
  • Aichholzer, from Görtschach and probably also Dölsach
  • Mayr („Christlmayr“) from Lavant
  • Ragger, probably from Tristach, Lienz district
  • Schober from Penzelberg and Rettenbach bei Mörtschach, Carinthia, Austria
  • Mairacher from Gödnach
  • Greizacker(?) from Gödnach
  • Mair, probably from Dölsach
  • Regulati, maybe from somewhere in the Lienz area, maybe from South Tyrol, Italy
  • Mayr from Nußdorf and from Leisach, Lienz district
  • Linder from Leisach
  • Ronacher (Reinacher), probably from somewhere around Dölsach
  • Plojer from Gaimberg (Obergaimberg, Untergaimberg) and probably from somewhere around Dölsach
  • Prugger, probably from somewhere around Dölsach
  • Mosser (Moser) from Iselsberg
  • Lub, most likely from around Dölsach
  • Müller, most likely from around Dölsach
  • Santner, probably from Dölsach or Iselsberg
  • Unterpichler (Pichler) from Iselsberg and maybe also from around Dölsach
  • Harbert, probably from around Iselsberg
  • Wallnig from Iselsberg
  • Lercher, probably from Iselsberg and/or Görtschach
  • Schlemmer from Göriach and Nußdorf and Matrei in Osttirol
  • Possenig, probably from around Nußdorf or Dölsach or Lienz
  • Fasching from Nußdorf
  • Stampfer from Debant, Oberlienz and possibly also Lienz
  • Möserer(?), probably from around Dölsach
  • Täbernig (Tabernig), from Stronach and maybe other places in the Lienz area
  • Obersteiner, probably from around Iselsberg
  • Opperer from Lienz (Oberlienz)
  • Obermair, probably from Lienz area
  • Wieland from St. Lorenzen, South Tyrol
  • Wolfsgruber, maybe from around St. Lorenzen
  • Reiter from Iselsberg, Leisach and Thurn
  • Gander from Thurn
  • Mesner (Messner), probably from around Thurn
  • Zimmermann from Thurn and Lienz
  • Wohlgemuth (Wohlgemut) from Matrei in Osttirol and maybe earlier from Roggenhausen, Prussia
  • Ganser, maybe from Prussia
  • Kruger from Ponperg (Bonberg) near Lienz
  • Koczian (Kotzian, Kocijan, Kocyan, Koczyan, Kocián with or without „von Kronenfeld“, „von Kronfeld“, “z Kronfeldu” or “z Kronenfeldu”) from Vysoké Mýto (Hohenmauth), Brno (Brünn), Brumov na Vláře (Brumov) and a number of other places in Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic
  • Truhlář, probably from somewhere in Bohemia
  • Znenáhlo, probably from somewhere in Bohemia
  • Kranzl from Vysoké Mýto and Brandýs nad Orlicí (Brandeis), Bohemia
  • Mollir from Lanškroun (Landskron)
  • Delinhart from Vysoké Mýto
  • Kohlschreiber from Vysoké Mýto (Hohenmauth), Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • Popek from Vysoké Mýto (Hohenmauth)
  • Zeisel (Zeisl, Zeißl, Zeissl) from Brno (Brünn)
  • Krziwanek, probably also from Brno (Brünn)
  • Weidemann (Waidmann, Weydmann, Weideman) from Čermná na Moravě (Dittersdorf or Groß-Dittersdorf) and Velká Střelná (Groß Waltersdorf), Moravia, and Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria
  • Nobes from Pohoř (Pohorsch), Bohemia
  • Schwarz from Čermná na Moravě and Hrubá Voda (Großwasser), Moravia
  • Berger from Čermná na Moravě
  • Mader (Maader) from Čermná na Moravě and Velká Střelná
  • Lausecker (Lauseker) from Velká Střelná and Kaplice (Kaplitz), Bohemia
  • Trogauer from Kaplice
  • Raab from Kaplice
  • Grünzweil, possibly from around Kaplice
  • Klimesch from Kaplice and Černé Údolí (Schwarzthal), Bohemia
  • Schicho from Pořešinec (Klein Poreschin), Bohemia
  • Goth from Krompach (Krombach), Bohemia, and from Neugattersleben (Hohendorf), Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
  • Göldner (Gelner, Köhler) from Naděje (Hoffnung), Bohemia
  • Kunthe from Drnovec (Kleingrün or Klein-Grünau), Bohemia
  • Duche from Cvikov (Zwickau in Böhmen), Bohemia
  • Schicketanz from Svor (Röhrsdorf bei Zwickau)
  • Scholz (Scholtze) from Krompach and Mařenice (Großmergthal), Bohemia
  • Günther from Mařenice
  • Schubert, possibly from around Mařenice
  • Knobloch from Mařenice and Dolní Lichtenwald (Dolní Světlá or Niederlichtenwald), Bohemia
  • Hunziker (Honsinger, Hunsaker, Hunsecker, Hunsicker, Hunsinger, Hunsucker, Huntsinger, Huntzinger, Hunzeker, Hunziker, Unzicker) from Zofingen, Aargau, Switzerland and also from Neugattersleben (Hohendorf)
  • Klimesch from Černé Údolí (Schwarzthal), Bohemia
  • Schicho from Pořešinec (Klein Poreschin), Bohemia
  • Raab (Rab), probably from somewhere in Bohemia

Maternal Ancestors:

  • Haszprunár (Hauszprunar, Hasprunar, Hausbrunner) from Gajary (Gajár, Gajar, Gayring, Gairing, Gajáre), Slovakia
  • Szpuszta (Spusta) from Gajary
  • Ambra from Veľké Leváre (Velké Leváry, Großschützen, Nagylévárd), Slovakia
  • Stora, possibly also from Veľké Leváre
  • Maruschka (Marusska, Maruška, Maruska) from Gajary
  • Vlk (Wlk) from Gajary
  • Lackner (Lakner) from Vienna, Austria and possibly also from Gajary
  • Břen (Bren) from the area around Oldřiš, Borová and Polička, Bohemia and from Vienna
  • Kučera from Borová
  • Feltl from Betlém (Betlehem) near Polička
  • Kroulik (Graulik) from Kobylí (Kobyly, Roßhöfen) near Polička
  • Jann from Lhotice (Lhotec), Malá Paseka and Borovsko, Bohemia
  • Wohanka, probably from somewhere in Bohemia
  • Vávra, probably from somewhere in Bohemia
  • Glatter from Velké Kunětice (Groß Kunzendorf), Moravian Silesia (České Slezsko, Mährisch Schlesien), Moravia
  • Heřmánek, probably from somewhere in Moravian Silesia
  • Losse from Rejvíz (Reihwiesen), Moravian Silesia
  • Merkel from Loučná nad Desnou (Wiesenberg), Moravian Silesia
  • Schatter from somewhere in Preußisch Schlesien (Prussian part of Silesia), today part of Poland
  • Teufert from Liptaň (Liebenthal), Moravia
  • Hübner, probably from somewhere in Moravian Silesia
  • Spielvogel from Česká Ves (Böhmischdorf) and Rejvíz, Moravian Silesia
  • Habicht from Česká Ves
  • Schrodt from Česká Ves
  • Mütschke from Široký Brod (Breitenfurt), part of Mikulovice u Jeseníku (Niklasdorf), Moravian Silesia
  • Überall (Überal) from Písečná u Jeseníku (Sandhübel), Moravian Silesia, Rejvíz, Česká Ves and possibly Jeseník (Frývaldov, Freiwaldau, Freiwalldau), Moravian Silesia
  • Brosig from Písečná u Jeseníku, Moravian Silesia
  • Engel from Lipová (Lindewiese or Lindwiese, today Lipová-lázně), Moravian Silesia
  • Ruisinger from Eybach, Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg), Germany, Oberbaar, Schwaben, Germany and Vienna
  • Schweiger, probably from near Oberbaar
  • Steinlehner, possibly from Württemberg
  • Kaiser from Schnittlingen, Württemberg
  • Nägele from Eybach
  • Bölstler, probably from near Eybach
  • Geiger from Schnittlingen
  • Lenz from Schnittlingen
  • Weber from Schnittlingen
  • Schuster from Kvilda (Außergefild), Bohemia, Zhůří (Haidl), Bohemia and Kreuzberg, Bavaria
  • Braumannl, probably from near Kvilda
  • Fuchs from Kvilda
  • Kugler from Kvilda
  • Müller, probably from near Kvilda
  • Samer from Peilstein (Upper Austria) and possibly from Egerlau(?)
  • Scheichenast from Egerlau(?)
  • Philipp from Kvilda
  • Peter from Kvilda and Opolenec (Oppelitz), Bohemia
  • Mandl from Kvilda and Kreuzberg
  • Krammer from Kreuzberg
  • Riedl from Kreuzberg
  • Ilg from Kreuzberg
  • Ambros from Winklbrunn, Bavaria and Kreuzberg
  • Schwendtspier from Kreuzberg
  • Wurm, probably near Freyung, Bavaria
  • Dik (Dick) from Podlesí (Vogelsang), and Hluboká (Tiefenthal) Bohemia
  • Eisner from Rejštejn (Unterreichenstein)
  • Anger from Úvaly (Garschönthal), Moravia and Hausbrunn, Lower Austria
  • Hammer from Hausbrunn
  • Schwingenschrot from Hausbrunn
  • Hartmann from Schwertberg, Upper Austria
  • Roiß from Schwertberg and Langenstein, Upper Austria
  • Maresch from Jaroměř (Jermer) and Mostky (Pernlesdorf), Bohemia
  • Dörfler (Dörffler) from Kaplice (Kaplitz), Bohemia and Vienna
  • Benda from Střítež u Kaplice (Tritesch), Bohemia
  • Günner from Horšov (Horschau), Bohemia
  • Stöhr (Stör) from Velký Kozi Hřbet (Großziegenruck), part of Rejštejn, Nuzarov (Nimvorgut), Zadní Paště (Hinterwaid) and Svojše (Zwoischen), Bohemia
  • Klostermann from Malý Kozí Hřbet (Kleinziegenruck), part of Rejštejn
  • Harant from Žlibek (Rindlau) and Opolenec
  • Metzling from Žlibek
  • Karlovsky (Karlovský) from Přední Lhota (Vorderlhota) near Poděbrady (Podiebrad), Bohemia and Inzersdorf, Lower Austria
  • Plaček (Placek) from Vestec (Westetz) near Poděbrady
  • Panek (Pannek) from Odřepsy (Odreps) near Poděbrady
  • Wlik from Poděbrady
  • Smrčina from Dehtín (Dechtin), part of Klatovy (Klattau) and Švihov (Svichov, Schwihau), Bohemia
  • Čepička from Klatovy
  • Bruiha (auch: Pruchner) from Žlibek
  • Metzl from Höll, most likely near Kašperské Hory (Bergreichenstein), Bohemia
  • Casperle from Kavrlík (Gaierle), part of Kašperské Hory
  • Zettl (Zetl) from Lídlovy Dvory (Liedlhöfen or Höfen), part of Kašperské Hory
  • Ilgk from Malý Kozí Hřbet
  • Hackl from Skelná (Glaserwald), Bohemia
  • Gemi from Dehtín
  • Zoglauer from Svojše and Kašperské Hory
  • Höstner (Köstner?) from near Rejštejn
  • Holly (Holy) from Mílov (Müllau) near Kašperské Hory
  • Matschiner, probably from near Kašperské Hory
  • Rusch, probably from near Kašperské Hory
  • Liedlbauer from Červená (Rothsaifen) and Nicov (Nitzau)
  • Kötzer from Žlibek
  • Hoffmann, probably from near Kašperské Hory
  • Tutschka, probably from Janovice nad Úhlavou (Janowitz)
  • Luksch from Horská Kvilda
  • Lang from Horská Kvilda
  • Veit from Tuškov (Duschowitz), part of Kašperské Hory
  • Hable, probably from Svojše
  • Beran from Rožmberk nad Vltavou (Rosenberg)
  • Reismayr, probably from near Langenstein
  • Weißmann, probably from near Schwertberg
  • Speckh from Úvaly
  • Breithut from Úvaly
  • Hauser from Úvaly
  • Micksch (Miksch) from Steinebrunn, Lower Austria and Úvaly
  • Kropfinger from Drasenhofen, Lower Austria
  • Rauch from Drasenhofen

If you think you can connect your tree to one of the families above, please get in touch with me!

Ancestry Composition Charts

My ancestry composition according to 23andme (update December 10, 2020) …

Michael Eisenriegler ancestry composition accoring to as of Dec. 10, 2020

… according to Ancestry (Update 2023) …

… according to MyHeritage (Update 2023) …


… according to FTDNA Origins v.3 (as of September 2020) …

… according to gencove

… and according to Living DNA (Update August 2021):

Herkunftsschätzung für Michael Eisenriegler von LivingDNA, August 2021

(Page last updated: October 17, 2023)

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  1. Hallo, wende mich an Sie mit einer ganz großen Bitte… mich würde es sehr interessieren woher stammt eigentlich Fam. Berger, die haben damals in der Riesengebirge gelebt ca bis 1945.
    Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort und Mühe.
    MfG Monika Tillmann

  2. You probably score Italian in many tests because you have Ashkenazi ancestry. Your Y-haplogroup is a common Ashkenazi haplogroup. On PCA charts Ashkenazim cluster next to South Italians. Ashkenazi Jews can also score North Italian, and Tuscan. Your Ashkenazi ancestry is represented by Northern Italy, and Cyprus in your Living DNA test.

  3. In reality your Eastern European score would be higher if 23 and me had genetically correct regions. Austria_Carinthia is genetically Eastern European. On PCA chart eastern Austrians cluster with Hungarians and Czechs, whereas Tirolese cluster with South Germans. Eastern Austrians are actually closer to East Germans than Bavarians. France and Germany is a ridiculous region that should be done away with. The French people I know find the region offensive. Living DNA has the most accurate European regions.

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